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About the blog

The main reason I use this blog, is to help myself tackling similar issues. You can see this as a very small online documentation library.
Also it is useful for others who experience the same issues.

System: Application Name & Version

WQL/WMI Posted on 02/26/2015 17:12:53

select SMS_R_System.ResourceId, SMS_R_System.ResourceType, SMS_R_System.Name, SMS_R_System.SMSUniqueIdentifier, SMS_R_System.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup, SMS_R_System.Client from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS on SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.DisplayName like “%XXX%” and SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.Version < “11.0.10” order by SMS_R_System.Name

Create RolloutFile in TaskSequence

SCCM Posted on 02/26/2015 14:02:38

copy /y NUL C:\Windows\Temp\SDT_Microsoft_Windows_10_EN_Deployed.txt >NUL