Deploy printer drivers during ConfigMgr task sequence

Last week it was needed to install printer drivers on already deployed Windows 7 systems. Because driver packages can be used only during OS deployment (within a task sequence) that was not an option. Lucky me I found another way for doing this, just use the PnPutil command to do this. Let’s have a look at the needed steps now!

Create a new software package (instead of a driver package) without a program, and per model. Add all the packages created to a task sequence, using the “Run command line” option. Put in a name, select the needed package (created before), select a account with enough permissions (because drivers cannot be installed with the system account afterwards), and add a command line:

xcopy *.* C:\Temp\Drivers\ /I /S /Y /C /R

from Package

cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe -i -a C:\Temp\Drivers\*.inf

After that all .inf files available in the package will be scanned and needed drivers installed cq. injected in the Windows 7 driver store. In my opinion a very easy solution to install (printer) drivers on already installed systems. Hope it helps!

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