BMW 130i E87 Hidden Menu

Just like former BMW’s the 1 series has a hidden OBC menu. This can be accessed with the car started or “on”. Make sure you read the bottom instructions on how to unlcok all the menus. Below are the instructions and menus:

For ‘navigation’ in the menu’s, use the ‘mileage reset button’.

To get IN the menu’s push that button for approx. 15 sec.

Keep it pressed until you get the “01.__” in the display between the RPM and speedo-meter.

“XX.YY” means the menu-numbers.

If you want increase the “XX” part, push the ‘mileage reset’ button for approx. 2 sec.

As soon as you see “XX.__”, you can increase XX by pressing the ‘mileage reset’ button.

Every ‘push’ increases “XX”. If you want to increase the “YY”, when the display shows,

for example “01.00”, then every ‘push’ on the ‘mileage reset’, will increase the “YY” value.

01.00 FGSTNR = “Fahrgestellnummer” (Chassisnumber)

01.01 K-ZAHL W/T

01.02 BMWTNR

01.03 COD DIA

01.04 KI HSTL DATUM = “Herstellungs Datum” (Manufactured/Assembled on date…)

01.05 ???

01.06 SW


01.08 CAN

02.00 KI TEST = Dashboard test. All light, gauges, displays and so on will light up,

move…. works only when the engine is NOT running.

03.00 ??? (maybe it will show something after your first ‘service’, motor oil change)

04.00 MOM VBR = actual fuel consumption

04.01 RW-VBR-MOM = fuel consumption per hour

05.yy average fuel consumption

06.00 how much you have in your ‘tank’ in liters. Left- and Right compartment and Total

06.01 dito in hex?

07.00 KTMP-MOM = Temp. Cooling Fluid (Celsius)

07.01 ATMP-MOM = “Aussentemperatur” Temp. Outside (Celsius)

07.02 dito in hex?

07.03 N-MOT-MOM = RPM

07.04 N-VWF-MOM = max. RPM at the moment

08.00 V-EFF = exact speed

08.01 V-ANZ = “Anzeige” speed shown on dash

08.02 V-SZ

08.03 D-GESCHW 1 WEG


08.05 D-GESCHW 2 WEG


09.00 Voltage

10.00 KM/WOCHE

11.00 ??? , has to do how the time will be displayed

11.01 km or miles

11.02 Celcius or Fahrenheit

11.03 how to display fuel consumption. km/l or l/100km or mpg

12.00 V-ANKUNFT = arrival time 12.01 ANK-ZEIT = time of arrival

13.00 AUDIO = all(?) sounds. Like the ‘boing’ of the ‘light on warning’

14.00 FS EINTRAEGE = error messages (if any)

15.00 Ports?

16.00 Dashboard lighting.

17.00 Temp inside in the car??

18.00 CC-TEST = you can see some of the ‘check control’ messages.

Look also at the iDrive screen!

19.00 UNLOCK

20.YY to 23.YY ???

That UNLOCK stuff is also important.

If not UNLOCKed, you can only see menu’s 01 and 02.

In the ’19’ menu you must ‘click-in’ a unlock code.

That code you can calculate from the “FGSTNR” number.

You must add the last 5 figures of that FGSTNR number. for example:

: XXXXXX12345 the unlock code will be: 1+2+3+4+5=15

20.YY to 23.YY There is more to discover……






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