Create empty file for unique driver import in SCCM 2012

By simply adding a unique text file to the driver folder it creates a different hash value and allows you to import the same driver even if the actual drivers already have been imported.

Just put the above code into a batch file at the root of your directory structure for a given model and name it for that hardware model; e.g., name it Optiplex755.bat and put it in the root of the folders housing the Optiplex 755 drivers.



for /f “tokens=*” %%G IN (‘dir /ad /b /s’) DO (

echo. > “%%G\%~n0.txt”



Executing this simple batch file will create an empty text file named Optiplex755.txt in every sub-directory.

Repeat as necessary for each model and each model’s top-level driver folder.

If you add or change any drivers for a model, just re-execute the script.






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