Status Message Queries: Monitor Office 365 Installation

Peter Monten gave me a cool query for SCCM 2012 to monitor an deployment.
It is compatible with all deployments in SCCM and so I changed it for our Office 365 – 2016 rollout.

select stat.*, ins.*, att1.*, att1.AttributeTime from SMS_StatusMessage as stat left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings as ins on stat.RecordID = ins.RecordID left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes as att1 on stat.RecordID = att1.RecordID inner join SMS_StatMsgAttributes as att2 on stat.RecordID = att2.RecordID where att2.AttributeID = 401 and att2.AttributeValue = “XYZ20198” and stat.SiteCode = “XYZ” and att2.AttributeTime >= ##PRM:SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime##

order by att1.AttributeTime desc






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