Hyper-V Manager: Access Denied. Unable to establish communication between … and …

Virtual Machines

Access denied. Unable to establish communication between ‘Hyper-V Server’ and ‘Hyper-V Manager’.

This is puzzling since the workstation has been connected to this particular Hyper-V server many times using other network profiles. The profile we created for the Microsoft folks was seemingly giving us the connection issue.

The fix took a bit of searching to find and needed to be accomplished on the Windows Vista system where the Hyper-V Manager was installed:

Close the Hyper-V Manager


Right click on dcomcnfg and Run As Administrator.

Authenticate with the local admin credentials if UAC prompts for credentials, or
continue if it does not.

Open the Component Services node, then the Computers node, then right click on My Computer and click on Properties.

Click on the COM Security tab.

Click the Edit Limits button under Access Permissions.

Enable Remote Access for Anonymous Logon

Click Apply and OK.

Close the Component Services console and the Windows Explorer window.

Start the Hyper-V Manager and continue through the UAC.

The virtual machines, if any, will show up in the Hyper-V Manager console after that.







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