Retrieve factory_config.xml file from your headunit (10.25″ Android 10 HU)

Guide from @banpiro (Discord) to download stock Factory_config.xml from SD625 System WITHOUT root:

This is only useful if there has been not imported any file by yourself before!

1. Create WiFi hotspot in a smartphone

2. Connect Head Unit & your laptop to WiFi hotspot.

You need to know Head Unit IP (you can check it in hotspot). You also need ADB in your laptop (i.e. you can use folder \KswRooting-master\compiler of Rooting Guide)

3. Connect to IP & port of Head Unit (default port is 5555):

adb connect IP:port

4. Get the factory_config.xml:

adb pull /mnt/vendor/persist/OEM/factory_config.xml

5. Disconnect anything:

adb disconnect

Now you will find the File at the same folder as “adb”.

OTA Updates:

Config Files:

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